Polar Adventure Day

We had polar adventure day in first grade last week.  Polar adventure day is a theme day we have as a culminating activity for our polar animal unit.  We set up six stations and rotated the first graders through them.  Each station was about 15 minutes long.  Here are the stations we had.

Blubber Adaptation Station
Our students put their hands in ice cold water and then used a blubber bag to put their hands in the cold water.  We made blubber bags with Crisco.  You fill a bag with Crisco and then place a second bag in the Crisco.

 Egg Passing Station
We have nylons filled with cotton.  Students have to walk around with an egg on their feet.  They also partner up and try to pass the egg, mimicking the emperor penguins.

Animal Eyes Adaption Station
In our polar unit we talked about the snowy owl and how they don't move their eyes, they move their heads.  Their hands can move in many different ways, this is an adaptation they have.  We also talked about how whales syphop to asses the area above the water.  We made eye google by taping toilet paper rolls to goggles.  The TP rolls were facing out, so when you had them on you couldn't see straight ahead.  First they dropped clothespins into a jar without the goggles.  Then they tried it with the goggles.  They learned that they had to turn their head to see their hand and the target.  This was weird and they had a blast!

Penguin Measuring
At this station, we had penguins taped around the classroom.  They were taped at their approximate height.  They students had a measuring tape with one-inch increments.  They had to go around the room and measure the various penguins.  They wrote the name of the penguin next to the number that correlated to its height.

Penguin Identification Station
At this station, we had penguins that were not labeled hanging up outside.  The students had to use a penguin identification poster they had previously made to help them identify each of the penguins.  This was hard for them.

QR Discovery Station
At this station, the students used iPads to scan various QR codes and watch short videos about some of the polar animals we had learned about.  They were able to choose their cards and watch they videos that they were interested in.

There you have it, our polar adventure day, the cliff note version!  

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