Organizational Tip: Student Supplies

Let's talk organization today.  I feel it is so important to be organized.  It makes your classroom flow better and it is an important lifeskill.  If you are a teacher, you have multiple jobs; facilitator, mediator, counselor, friend, nurse, manager, and many more.  In order to wear all of those hats, it's nice to have a few tricks under those hats to help your classroom run smoothly.

Today, I thought I would share how I run my table jobs and store students supplies (scissors, glue, pens, etc.).  First, let me tell you about my class.  I have 20 students.  I have five table groups, with four students in each group.  Each group is a color (red, orange, green, blue and purple) to match a row on my meeting carpet.  Here is a carpet similar to mine.

I tape a colored dot to the corner of each desk and put the letter A, B, C or D on it.  

The letter coordinates to their table job.  There table jobs are:

Here are the jobs:

I rotate the clips every Monday, so my students have a different job each week.  

Each job has the following duties:

Table Captain
The table captain sits on the front square, on the carpet.  They also go first with any table group activities we may have during that week.

Paper Collector
The paper collector collects their tablemate's papers and puts them in the turn-in basket.  This helps to eliminate all 20 students trying to turn papers in at one time.

The supply person gets the table supply basket for their group.  I have matching supply baskets for each table.  The green table has a green caddy, with green scissors.  Each caddy also has dry-erase markers, facial scrub erasers, highlighters, glue sponges and sticks.

The supply person also gets the writing folders for their table.  The baskets for these are also color coordinated.

The recycling person gets the recycling basket for their table ($1 store color coordinated basket).  When they are cutting out things and have scraps, they table puts the scraps in the bucket.  When it is time to clean up, the recycling person dumps the bucket of scraps into the class recycling bin.

When the supply baskets are not being used, they are stored on the back counter.

There you have it, my table jobs and supply storage.  This is works for me.  You have to do what works for you and your class.  How do you do jobs or supplies?  I would love to hear your ideas!  


  1. Can you please post the link to download your table jobs. Thank you

    1. Unfortunately, it was something I made and did not save. I just printed it out.


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