A New Me!

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I have been a little quiet on the blog.  I have been a busy frog working on a new name/logo/blog.  That's right!  I have decided to change my blog name to The Teacher Bag.  When I began blogging, I hadn't really thought about the future.  Fantastic First Grade Froggies sounds so....first grade!  I don't want to limit myself to just that grade.  I want to share ideas with all educators, whether you teach k, 1, 2, etc.  I am also changing my website name to theteacherbag.com.  I have transferred all of my blogposts to my new blog, although you will still see my old name and logo on many things.  I will still keep this site up, and remind everyone of the new blog.   I had Becca from Jumping Jax Designs make my logo.  She was great to work with and she kept my froggy!  So, hop on over to my new site and check it out!

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