Cetacean Week

Last week we continued our polar animal study.  We learned about cetaceans (whales and dolphins), focusing on the orca, beluga and narwhal.  My kids loved this.  They learned so much about their adaptations.  

First, we learned some vocabulary and some characteristics of cetaceans.  

I like to use pic file cards to help show what some of the vocabulary words mean.  My students love to look through these, so I put them on a ring and hang them near our discovery area.

We compared baleen and toothed whales.  I didn't spend too much time on baleen whales, because we were focusing on three specific whales and they are all toothed whales.  We filled out our process chart.

To finish off our week of whales, we made orcas with a northern lights background.  I found some similar ideas on Pinterest and decided to try it out.  First we did an orca direct draw and then colored it with oil pastels.

Next, we took blue paper and colored chalk and made a northern lights background on the top half of the paper.  My intent was to make it look like the orca was jumping out of the water.  I should have had them made a water line, or add some white ice in the background to separate the water and sky...next time!  They still turned out cute.

Next week we move onto the snowy owl.  It should be another fun week!

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