New Year's Resources (freebie)

It's hard to believe the new year is almost here.  I start back in another week and I am already thinking about how I am going to re-focus my first graders.  They are so excited and exhausted from the winter break.  I always begin the first couple of days reteaching some important procedures.  I also like to talk about goal setting with my kids.  We brainstorm some personal goals and record them on chart paper.  This can be hard for some kids.  I try to steer kids aways from the "I want to play more minecraft" responses!

Here is my anchor chart from last year that I made with my class.  I will do something similar this year.

Here are some books that I have in my library that I like to read.

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And finally, here is a freebie that I made last year, but have updated it for the current year.  It's simple and sweet, because I really only spend a day on new year's goals and then move on.  Click below to grab yours.

Do you have your students make goals or resolutions?

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