Five For Fraturday (freebie)

Happy Saturday!  Did you survive the first week back after Thanksgiving?  My kids are crazy, but in a fun way.  I am here to share what we have been up to this week.

We went to our local nature center for a bird adaptations field trip and it was fabulous!  The programs have changed and they have really incorporated some engaging activities.  It was a cold morning and we were outside for most of it, but I didn't hear many complaints from the kids.  They were having so much fun.  

The first activity was a bird beak activity.  We have done this in class, but not outside.  The kids were birds and hid their nests in the forests.  There was one bird stealer that had to find the nests and steal the food from them.  Each student got a beak (tool) to gather their food with.  It was great.  In the end we talked about what beaks worked best for the various food types.  The stealing bird also shared what made her job easy or hard.

I declared Friday a fun day.  I wanted holiday decor for the room so we started off the day with snowflakes.  If you have never made snowflakes with your kids, you should.  I'm telling you, they thought I had super powers!  First I sent them to their desk and we folded the paper step by step.  Then I called them down to carpet and showed them how to cut shapes out of their folded paper.  And then the grad finale....opening the snowflake up.  Wow!  The cheers and claps were almost too much. They were so excited and we spent 30 minuted making as many snowflakes as we could in that time frame.  

We wrote letters to our pen pals earlier in the week, so they had to give me one to send to our pen pals.  
Kevin our elf came back arrived this week.  I have a love-hate relationship with Kevin.  I love him when I am not tired at 9 p.m. and remember him.  I hate him when I just want to go to bed.

Our school has a tradition with each year's group of kindergarten students.  They make a mural with their handprints and hang it up at our school.  It stays hung up and the students can always see it hanging with their handprint on it.  The mural always goes with our school-wide theme.  This year's mural was presented at our all-school sing this Friday and it is always a special thing.

I am really trying to incorporate more technology this year.  My students are really interested in reindeer, so I made a QR video response for them to listen and respond to during listen to reading this week.  They love doing these.  We also made the cute reindeer direct draws that all over Pinterest.

Click below to grab your freebie QR response!

There is my week in a nutshell!  How was your week?

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