Holidays Around the World (freebie)

I can't believe the holidays are just around the corner.  I am still working on eating my son's Halloween candy (shhhh...don't tell).  I began prepping for our holidays around the world adventure last week.  I really try to get everything prepped and ready before Thanksgiving, so when the craziness of December hits I have one less thing to worry about.  

I love hearing about the traditions my students and their families have.  I think it is so important to learn about how other celebrate holidays.  Tolerance is such an important lifeskill.  If we can teach students that it is okay to do things differently, maybe we can make our world a little more kind.

Over the next couple of weeks, I plan to share some ideas and resources I have found on specific countries and holidays.  Today I have put together some general holidays around the world ideas.  I hope you can find something to use.  Stay tuned for more!

Here are some great books.  Some of these books are resources for me as a teacher.  Others have some great pictures for your students to look at.

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I have started a Pinterest board of ideas and resources too!  Click the picture below to find your way to it.

In my class we will begin our journey after Thanksgiving break.  We will first look at our own family traditions.  I want my students to see where some of their traditions may have come from and give them a chance to share about what their family does.  I made up this page for my students to use as a brainstorming page before writing a paragraph about their traditions.  Click below to grab this freebie.

After we have taken a look at our own traditions, we hop on our imaginary plane and take a trip around the world to learn about how others celebrate.  I spend a day on each country/holiday and try to do an activity in our interactive notebooks.  Sometimes we even squeeze in an art or craft project related to the country.  It's a whirlwind trip, but a great way to engage my students during the crazy month of December.  Of course, we need our passports to leave the country, so that is first on our agenda.

If you are interested in my Holidays around the World pack, click below.

Check back over the next couple of weeks for specific ideas on some of the countries and holidays we learn about.

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