Hanukkah Ideas and Resources

Today I am here to share some Hanukkah resources you can use in your classroom.  Every year I have a child who celebrates Hanukkah.  I always let them share what traditions their family has.  It's always fun to hear that from a kid perspective.

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A favorite activity we like to play is the dreidel game.  It has a great math element to it...bonus!  You can read about how to play here.  I pull out the dreidels and first give them some time to practice their spin.  This can be hard for some of my little firsties.  

I made a chart that I put at each table to remind them of what each spin does.  Grab yours below!

A fun treat I have made with my students are these marshmallow dreidels.  I didn't use the blue sugar, but my students still loved them!

There are so many fun Hanukkah books to read.  Here are some of my favorites.

Hanukkah: A Rookie Read-Aloud

Here is a Pinterest board I have that has some great ideas.  Click on the picture below to check it out.

Here is a close read and interactive notebook activity for the primary grades.

Do you do any fun activities in your classroom?  I would love to hear about them.

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