50th Day of School

We had our 50th day of school last week (the day before Halloween festivities) and it was a blast, but exhausting!  Our grade level started celebrating this day about four years ago and we have a blast every year with it.  First, as a teacher we have to dress the part.  My grade level partners and I  bought poodle skirts for this shop a few years ago.  They have worked out great!

The 50th day always falls around Halloween, so many of our students find cute things and dress up in poodle skirts or as a greaser.  It makes for a cute photo.  I found some fun fabric a few years ago, so we always have a parent taking photos for us.

This is a picture of my sone and I from last year.

We always start the day off with some fun math activities focused around the number 50.  This  year we practiced our tallies and counted by 5's to 50.

After we have had some whole group tally practice, we work on a find, tally and graph.  My kids always love these!  After some morning math, we moved to the gym for a sock hop!

Before lunch, we had a discussion about how to make a root beer float.  We had a few disagreements as to which comes first; the root beer or the ice cream.  Which do you prefer.  We are a democratic class, so we voted.

Ice cream first won!

This is a great pre-activity for how-to writing.

 Next, we worked on making our own jukeboxes.  

On the back of these, we write about life in the 1950's and life now.  The writing part comes the next day after we have compared the time periods.

The last part of our day consisted of stations with all 62 kids kids.  Parents came to help and we had the kids rotate through the following five stations:

1.  1950's play
We have a room that has toys from that era for the kids to play with.  There is also a great youtube video about the toys from the 1950's.  Just search toys from the 50's on youtube.

2.  Root Beer Floats

We had to test our order of events that we had worked on earlier in the class.  After our root beer floats, we got a piece of bubble gum to chew on.  We were challenged to try and blow a bubble.

3.  Hula Hoops, jump ropes and hopscotch

Kids were pulled from this station to have their picture taken with our 1950's photo booth.

4.  The fourth station was with our music teacher.  She taught them the hand jive in small groups.  I don't have a picture of this.

5. Tootsie Roll Measuring

When we came back as a class, I took a poll to see if they liked root floats and if they could blow a bubble.  

It was a full day of fun and learning.  To read about some of our past years click below.  Some of the picture from this post are from past year because I am not always good about remembering to take pictures!

There you have it, another 50th day in the books.  Do you celebrate the 50th day?  It's is great way to incorporate writing, math and social studies; but most importantly...it's fun!!!

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