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The season of pumpkins is here.  I am trying not to pull out the Halloween stuff yet, but I am pulling out some pumpkin items.  Read on for some favorite books and a math freebie!

There are so many great pumpkin books out these days, here are some of my favorites.

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I also love to hear stories from my students about their adventures to local pumpkin patches.  To help with that I always pull out the pumpkin words to add to their writing tubs.

A favorite math station I add to my math tubs is an addition pumpkin sum sort.  It's pretty simple, you just buy those little treat pumpkins (I have had these for years).  You write a sum on the pumpkins.  Then take popsicle sticks and write addition sentences on them.  The kids sort them into the correct pumpkins.  

I made this recording sheet to go with mine this year.  Feel free to hop over to the Teacher Bag to grab this freebie!

Do you have favorite pumpkin activities?

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