Five For Friday

Happy Saturday!  A huge pat on the back to you if you have been in the classroom this past week.  You made it.  It's Saturday.  It's Halloween.  You get an extra hour on Sunday, woohoo!

I have busy day ahead, but then Sunday I plan to do absolutely nothing.  It might actually feel like fall where I live.  I may just stay in my jammies all day.  I deserve it.  Here is a recap of my week.

Last Sunday I took my son to a historical mansion in our town, the Bidwell Mansion.  It was our fist home in our town during the gold rush.  I had went as a kid, but didn't remember very much about it.  It was great to see my 8 year old so interested in it.  I even learned that Susan B. Anthony, John Muir and president Rutherford Hayes spent some time there.  Here is a picture of the leopard fireplace in the room that they stayed in.

We worked on the th sound this week.  It's fun to see the light click on when they realize they can put sounds together to make a new sound.

Not only was it Halloween week at my, but it was also the 50th day of school.  We had a blast looking back at life in the the 1950's.  I will post more about this day soon.

We had our Halloween at our school on Friday.  I love getting a chance to look at all of the costumes. Some costumes are so creative.  My grade level partners and I were a bit hit with the kids at our school.  We even did a whole school Pop See Ko.  Karin and Susan from Friendly Froggies were Mike and Neil and I was the hot dog.

We made these cute Frankensteins that I saw on Proud to Be Primary's blog.   First we read Crankenstein.  Super cute book!

Next, we used the direction from for a direct draw of Frankenstein.  They turned out great!

The eyes on this one made me laugh.

Kids and blood!  Notice the blood from his mouth.

I love the steam coming out of the ears on this one.

That's it for me.  I am read to start my weekend!  I hope you have a a great one.

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  1. Love the Frankensteins/Crankensteins. We made paint chip Frankensteins at the end of the day on Friday. I am one tired teacher!

    Hanging Around In Primary


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