Let's Write About It- part 2

I'm back with part two of my writing center.  If you missed part1, click here.  Do you get tired of the, "What should I write about?" or the child that will literally sit there for 20 minutes and just stare at their blank paper.  I try to keep that from happening by providing many ideas for them.  I have word cards out and change them often.  

The ones shown above are all the same words, just different formats.  The "bigs," "littles" and word wall cards hung on twine.  The words on the twine, I switch every month.  Each table group has a set of "Littles."  

Early in the year, I model how I can use these word lists to help me spell words and to generate ideas.  When I model this, I get very dramatic.  I play it out like I just won the lottery!  My students think I am nuts.  Fore example, I may show them how the picture of the backpack reminds me about new backpack I got for the school year.  Next, I write my story, modeling the process. 

The next part of writing I wanted to share was my student writing folders.  

I buy plastic folders so they will last through the year.  I like the prong because as you can see in the picture above, I also put some of the most popular word lists in each folder.

On the left pocket, I place a sticker that says still working.  There is a green dot on that sticker.  On the right pocket (not shown), there is a finished sticker with a red dot.  I saw this on Pinterest somewhere and tried it out.  I have been doing this for a few years now and it works great!

If you are interested in any of the word list, click below to learn more about each one.

All of the "Littles," this is a growing bundle. 

All of the "Bigs"-color version, this is a growing bundle. 

All of the "Bigs"-blackline version, this is a growing bundle. 

This set includes the littles, bigs (color and blacklines) and word wall cards for the school year.  One set per month.  This bundle is full grown (hee hee).

Do you use writing folders in your classroom?  How do your students generate writing ideas?  I would love to hear what you do.

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