Greetings from Las Vegas!

Hello from Vegas!  I had a fabulous day meeting many great teachers.  Thank you if you came to my I Teach K or I Teach 1st session.

Here is what we talked about.

So much fun!  And I enjoyed meeting so many teachers, thank you!

I shared how I make an interactive notebook into a non-fiction book for the year using our science and social studies standards.  As promised, I said I would put up a link to the QR code that was on the card I gave you.  Here it is, but seriously try out using QR codes.  You will love it.

One of the fun things I talked about was QR codes and a great app called Haiku Deck.  You can read more about how I used it in my classroom here.

To read more blogposts about interactive notebooks, click on the interactive notebook label on the right side of my blog.

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