Thrifty Thursday

Do you ever get tired of "How do you spell?" or "I don't know what to write about it."  My kids learn from day one that I am not a walking dictionary and I encourage them to use their first grade spelling, the word wall or their word lists.

I introduce word lists from day one.  And I give my students access to many word choices and versions.  I usually have the larger words in a pocket chart for them to refer to as we write about coming back to school.  The backline words go into their writing folders.

The half-page words, or the littles are held together with a binder ring.  Each table group has a set to refer to.  The full page color words, or the bigs are also put together on a binder ring and  I usually put one set at the writing center.

I have made these words lists for many subjects and I start they year out with only a few on a ring.  I try to add a new list or two every couple of weeks.  It keeps things fresh with their writing.

So for Thrifty Thursday all of my wiring centers lists are on sale today.  

Each topic is also available individually, check them out here.

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