Thrifty Thursday!

Thrifty Thursday is back for the summer!  For those of you new to reading this little ole' blog, over the summer I mark a popular item(s) down in price for the day.  I also blog about it, or repeat with a throwback post.  So welcome!

Today's Thrifty Thursday item is my year of journal strips.  Our first grade team uses these in our monthly homework packets.  You can read more about how we do our monthly packets here.  Basically they are cut apart journal strips that the kids write about.  They get cutting practice, choice in topics and writing practice.  Each student got a spiral binder to keep them in.  It's been fun to read through them and see his progression in writing.  Here are some of my son's masterpieces from last year (he was in the first grade class next door to me).

Now this last one has a story that goes along with it that will help make more sense of the "mustard special" candy he would invent.  My kid loves mustard.  I mean on everything (he is kind of picky, so his food choices are limited)!  For example, if his plate has a hot dog, raspberries, salad (by salad I mean one small piece of lettuce) on it, everything is dipped in mustard, even the raspberries.  And then if he has a cookie for dessert, it is also dipped in mustard.  I have to leave the room because I pretty much gag watching him.  I can't stand mustard or even the smell of it.  He must take after dad on that one.

Hop on over to my TPT store to grab these on special today!

I also have the summer edition.  I give these out to my students as a "happy summer" gift.  They love a new notebook and new prompts.  These are on sale too!

Bot of these are on sale today only for a great discount!

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