Interactive Notebooks- the Why?

Hi friends, I'm back with the next part in my all about interactive notebook series.  If you missed part one, "the What?" you can read it here.  I have been asked, "what do you take the time to do interactive notebooks?"  Well, one of the big reasons is they are engaging and FUN!  But often people want a more "research-based" answer.  Here are some more reasons to begin interactive notebooks, or continue them if you already use them.

I have read some great books that also explain the why.  They are geared toward upper grades, but still a good read and I definitely got some useful information from them.

For me, one of the great things about interactive notebooks, is the pride I see in my students when we work on them.  I refer to them as authors when it is interactive notebook time.  I gave them an opportunity to share them with different grade levels throughout the year, so this helped encourage them.  During our school-wide exhibition night (formerly open house), my authors came to school dressed up and ready to share their book.  We spend the week prior writing "about the author" paragraphs and put the final touches on our books.  Parents and friends came through the classroom and they told about what they had learned throughout the year and had their book to refer to and share.  It was amazing!  This share time gave them a sense of purpose.

On the other side of the frame is their picture.  Each author had one of these.

Why am I making this book?  Oh, I can share my knowledge with others!  A big aha moment for many of them.  Interactive notebooks are so engaging and fun!

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  1. Interactive Notebooks really do build up students' self confidence and they take so much ownership of their learning. I love how eager students are to go back and look at their work!
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