Five For Frunday!

It's official folks, I am on summer vacation!  Well, I was officially on vacation at 11:01 a.m. Friday morning, but I am just now getting to my Five For Friday.  I thought I would share the last happenings around my class and life.  Thank you Kacey for the Five For Friday link-up.

We end our year with a play based on the story, The Great Kapok Tree.  It's such a great motivator for the last couple of weeks of school.  I've re-wrote the book into a play and combined some of the music from the Bad Wolf Press musical, Rumpus in the Rain Forest.  It is always a big hit.  Here is my little guy, dress as the Great Kapok Tree in his class play.

Let's talk lunches.  I. Hate. Making. Them, with a passion.  My son usually make his, he had to learn how when I had my surgery earlier in the year.  I try to pack healthy stuff like salads and stuff, so it can be time consuming.  Well, Thursday was my last day to pack lunches and there was a party in my house that morning.  We blasted some Kool & the Gang at 6:30 a.m. and it was a huge celebration!

We had our end of the year party Thursday at a local park.  We have some amazing parents and they set up some carnival games, with a western flair and we called it a hoedown.  They kids had a blast.  There were 10-12 stations and we BBQ'd hot dogs.  One of the funny stations was pin the bandana on the teacher.  My son was overly excited about this one!

Our last day of school was Friday.  It is always a bittersweet day.  I always have a hard time saying goodbye to my crew, but I do love my summers.  Our school gets out at 11:00 a.m on the last day.  We have a schooled bridging ceremony for the first hour and they we come back to our class for a bit before dismissal.  I brought donuts and had invited parents back at 10:30 for awards, but I still had about 45 minutes to we had a Go Noodle dance party.  And yes, it was long and the kids loved it.  I let each child pick a brain break, so chose not too but most of the class was all over it.  We had plenty of space because our tables were packed from our performances.  It made for a fun last day!

Goodbye 2014/2015

It's quite hot here in NorCal, really hot...and we are in a major drought.  Not good!

I will be spending lots of time poolside and in the creek!

There you have it, I am on summer break!  How about you?  

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