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Hello, is there anybody out there?  Are you still with me?  I know, I know, it's been a while.  If you are a teacher reading this, you know all about the end of the year craziness.  That craziness started a while ago and I still have 19 days left.  So the craziness will continue.  In the meantime, I wanted to share in a nutshell some happenings from room 36.  Here is my link up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching.

We are in full swing with our year end rain forest unit.  This is by far my favorite unit of the year.  The kids are so engaged and there are so many fun and colorful projects to do with it.  We began to build our rain forest and have made a lot of progress.

We still have more to add!

One of the fun things we have been doing with our rain forest unit is animal reports.  Each child picked a rain forest animal and researched it.  I provided a close read article and they could bring in their own research as well.  We had many tasks to complete and they loved it.  This time is year is great because they get to apply what we have learned all year.

We even made digital presentations with the app Haiku Deck.  I plan to explain this in more detail with a separate blog post...stay tuned.

Last weekend we had our school's annual faculty follies.  The teachers at our school love to get up on stage and ham it up (well, most teachers).  The primary teachers dressed up as grannies and grooved the night away.  Here is my son testing out my granny gear with his teacher Friendly Foggies.

 Here we are getting set up to groove.

The other skit I was in this year was from a Jimmy Fallon classes...Tight Pants.  We were the only ones in town with our tight pants on.

Next up a classroom library re-organization.  Why, oh why do I get my mind set on beginning these type of projects when I have a gazillion other things I should be doing?  Well, I do.  So this is what I have so far.  

I will update you with more info as I work it out in my head.  I have a plan in my head, but not quite sure of the logistics yet.

Vegas baby!  Are you going to any of the conferences this summer?  SDE offers some great conferences and if you are part of Teachers Pay Teachers, they also have a conference.  I will be there and I am so excited.  I went last year to the I Teach 1st and the TPT conference.  I came home with so many great ideas and strategies.  I will be presenting at the I Teach K and the I Teach 1st conference this year and if you are interested in going, I have a 10% discount code for you.  Just click below to learn more.


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  2. It was my main goal this year to go to the TPT conference...but I will be 8 months pregnant so that dream flew out the window! Maybe next year : ) Have a great time! Can't wait to hear all about it!

    The Sassy Sub


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