SimplyCircle – a great way to stay connected with parents

We all know that having engaged parents can make all the difference in having a successful classroom. But with only a few months left in the school year, you might be seeing parents start to wane in their engagement. While this may be natural, it is not inevitable. The good news is, there is something free and easy you can do to increase engagement and finish the year strong.
I recently learned about a free service called SimplyCircle that makes it incredibly easy for teachers and parents to communicate. It helps keep parents more engaged, and also helps keep them on-task about doing their part to support their child in the classroom.
With SimplyCircle, teachers can create a free, private communication circle for a class.  You can even ask some parents to help you manage the circle. Then you can easily send announcements, events, volunteer signups, and photos out to parents.
Even this late in the school year, switching to communicating with SimplyCircle can bring a lot of great benefits to your classroom:
Help parents do their part
We all know parents are busy – but it’s hard for everyone when parents don’t do what they need to. Maybe they forget to drop off a booster seat on field trip day. Maybe they send their daughter in a dress and sandals on PE day. Maybe they keep forgetting to have kids complete necessary assignments.  And parents who were meticulous in remembering everything in September might be running out of steam now that it’s April. Unfortunately, it’s the child who suffers.
With SimplyCircle, it’s easy to put events and tasks on the calendar for parents. The parents then get a weekly reminder of what’s coming up, along with a reminder the morning of the event. It makes it much easier for busy parents to remember what they are supposed to do.

Get more help in the classroom
As we get further into the school year, some parents who were excited about volunteering early in the year start to wane off in their participation. That can leave you in a bind. With SimplyCircle, volunteering is built right in. When you need a parent volunteer, you can send word out to all parents in just a few clicks, and they can volunteer to help quickly and easily. A lot of times, parents are really eager to come into the classroom and help.  They just need to know that you need their help. 

Help parents help themselves
Are you getting a lot of questions from parents like, “When is this due?” and “How can I get another copy of Y?” Wouldn’t it be better if there was an online place where parents could help themselves to this kind of information? With SimplyCircle, your class will have a private event calendar and document and photo archives.  Whenever they need this type of information, they can retrieve it themselves in seconds.

Get a $10 Starbucks gift card just for trying SimplyCircle
As a special spring promotion, the SimplyCircle team is offering a $10 Starbucks gift card to any teacher who creates a new circle including at least 10 parents before May 1.  Once your circle is live and your parents have joined, just email with the subject line “$10 Froggies” to claim your gift card.
You should definitely give SimplyCircle a try.  It’s a free, easy way to stay more connected with parents and finish the school year strong.

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