Five For Friday

It's Friday!  And I am on the ball today because it is Friday and I am posting my Five For Friday on a Friday.  I almost made the title of the post "Fantastic First Grade Froggies Finally posts Five For Friday on a Friday" but I thought there were too many f-words in that. :)  I didn't want to throw any tongue twisters out to you on a Friday evening.  Thank you Kacey for the link up.

Do you Go Noodle?  Have you seen the new POP SEE KO 2.0?  My kids cannot get enough of it.  The love the catman.  

My son, who is the first grade class next door to mine came home and had to get Go Noodle on the iPad.  He has been doing Go Noodle at home.  I secretly filmed him (he hates to be filmed), hee hee.

We are finishing up our 2D and 3D shapes unit, so we had to build shapes with marshmallows and toothpicks.  The kids loved it and it was surprisingly challenging for some of them.  Can you guess what their favorite part was...eating them!!!

It's back!  Froggy Mail has begun at our school.  First grade turns into a post office for a week and we deliver mail within the school.  We learn about how a post office works, job descriptions, letter writing, design stamps and many other fun things.  The school loves it!  The older kids remember it from when they were in first grade, and love to participate.  You can read more about it here.  

Today was our annual school jog-a-thon.  It was a great excuse to wear yoga pants to school!  It was hard for all of our firsties to understand that they would probably have fewer laps than last year because the track was almost double the size from last year.  Last year we were having our new school built, so we had limited field space.

before running stretches

the after shot
13 laps; 3 less than last year.  It made for some great math problems.

39...that is my magic number.  Do you know your magic number?  39  is not that many days and we have a lot to accomplish, but I am so excited for summer.  I'm ready for lazy mornings, pool time and vacations.  Speaking of vacations, I consider conferences a vacation because I am not tending to my family.  I have two "vacations" this summer that I can't wait for.  The first will be Las Vegas.  I will be presenting at the I Teach K and I Teach 1st conferences, and attending some of the fun sessions.  I will also stick around for the TPT conference and I can't wait.  The other "vacation" I am attending is the Daily 5/Cafe in Anaheim and I am over the moon excited for that one.  I can't wait to learn form the gurus.  And, I may just have to visit my favorite happiest place on Earth.

Are you attending any "vacations" this summer?  Will I see you in Vegas?


  1. Froggy Mail sounds like so much fun! What a great idea.

  2. We LOVE POP SE KOO too! We watched it about 15 times..NOT kidding :)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Your photo of the marshmallows and toothpicks reminded me I need to go get some for tomorrow! That activity is just too much fun :) I'd like to check out the Daily 5 conference. How did you hear about it?

    Your newest follower,
    Made with Love


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