Caution...Builders At Work!

Hello peeps!  I hope you are enjoying the spring season in your area.  We definitely are.  I wanted to share a fun thing we did a couple of weeks ago.  My kids loved it!

We had our builders club, formerly the 120 club.  Same thing, different name but I added some caution tape, yellow construction hats and some construction cuteness!

Place value is always a hard concept for some students at this age.  Building numbers often helps students get a visual of what 10 more/less is.  So we put on our builders hats and got right to it.
First students arrived and were very curious as to why first grade was covered with yellow caution tape.

The Foreman (me) explained our job, which was to build numbers to 120 or higher if they had time.  We worked together as a team up to the number 30 and then they were set free to build on their own.  Once they were building on their own, they received their own yellow construction hat I had picked up at the party store.  They were jumping for joy (it was one of those moments that I was considered the best teacher in the world)!

We continued building for the week and each day they wore their hats.  Once they reached 120, I pull out a large cowbell and ring it.  It scares that hats off of them at first, but we celebrate that person reaching their goal.  

They even receive a cool certificate and sign the class poster when they reach that goal.  

One of my kids made it all the way to 500 in the week.  After everyone made it to 120, we finish the builders club, but continue with place value games to help reinforce those tricky concepts.

This week of building was such a great reminder for me that kids love role play.  If you make learning fun, they will learn.  Kind of like, "If you build it, they will come"

If you are interested in the Builder's club, you may already have bought it.  If you have the 120 Club, re-download it for the a new and improved version.  If you don't have it, click below to learn more.  There is a lot more included in the pack.  

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