Five For Frunday

Why is it that when you are off for a week, that week goes by at warp speed?  So my motto is, when you have a vacation, make the most of it!  And I did.  So that is why this post is two days late to Kacey's Five for Friday over at Doodle Bugs Teaching.  I really turned off my computer and enjoyed family time.

We spent most of the week in San Diego.  It was so relaxing.  The weather was warm, which meant for great pool weather.  With all of my medical stuff this year, we decided to splurge and stay at the Grand Del Mar.  It was beautiful and the service was amazing.  

This resort even had turn down service nightly and laid out rose petals.  This was a nice touch, but did they happen to notice the gear of a 7 year old all over the floor, including Batman undies.  They probably could have saved the rose petals for a kid-free room!

We toured Petco Ballpark one day.  This was probably one of my favorite outings.  I am not a Padres fan, but do attend baseball games each season.   I love the atmosphere of ballgames.  The tour was great!  We got to sit in the press box, tour the visitor locker room,  the dugouts and the warning track. It was so interesting.  

Here is a picture of my son calling in the Padres dugout calling the bullpen.

Another outing we did was toured the USS Midway.  This was also fun. I had toured an aircraft carrier in New York, so this was the first time for my son and husband.  I think that they were shocked as to how large these things are.  It really is like a floating city.

Here is a picture of my son in a fighter jet.  

And I was happy to see the the Navy crew members wore their Converse too!

The third outing we did was Sea World.  They offer free tickets to teachers and up to 3 guests, which is wonderful!  We were in San Diego about three years ago and did the zoo and Legoland, so we were trying to do things we had not done yet.  I enjoyed the animals, but honestly was not that impressed.  I am happy that we did not pay full price.  

The polar bears were my favorite!

We broke up the trip by stopping in Cambria (near San Luis Obispo) for a couple of days.  We come here often and we love it.  It is so peaceful and a great way to end a vacation.

Now it's time to get back into the groove of school.  I am ready to tackle tis last trimester!


  1. Hi Renee, Your vacation sounds WONDERFUL. I get a break in a week and am hoping the weather warms up here as I'm not going anywhere. I see that you are a Liebster Blogger. I don't think you have linked up on the Liebster page. I got so many questions when I got nominated that I started a page so people could find out what it was and find Liebster bloggers. You might check it out as there are quite a few bloggers both old and new now. See you around. Kathleen
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