Mount Rushmore

Well, it's back to the grind for me next week.  I have been off work on medical leave for six weeks and I start back on Monday.  It's kind of bittersweet.  I miss my class, but I sure do love my lazy mornings.  It will be interesting to see how my stamina holds up.  I went into my class for a bit on Friday and luckily I have had a wonderful long-term sub and she had all of my math and work work tubs prepped for next week, love her!

My class began their American Symbols and Monuments Unit last week, with learning about Abe and George.  This week we will learn about Mt. Rushmore and if time get to the Lincoln Memorial and/or The Washington Monument.  My goal is to put together resources for each and make a blog post about them so you can find resources all in one post.

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Today's post is all about Mt. Rushmore.  My students always love learning about Mt. Rushmore.  They are always fascinated with the building of it.

Here are some books that I use when I teach about Mt. Rushmore.

Here is a good youtube video that shows a little about the history and how it was built.

I prepped our close reads and interactive notebook pages for Mt. Rushmore.

I also added a list to their "littles" word rings.  They get so excited when there is a new set of words added.  It's a great way to build vocabulary and expand their writing.

And last, if you go to the Mt. Rushmore National Park website, they have a student guide and some lesson plans on geometry and Mt. Rushmore.  I may try out one of the geometry ones this week, just to give my class a break from place value.

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