America the Beautiful!

Happy Monday friends!  Did you watch the big game yesterday?  It was quite an ending.  Even though my team wasn't in, I was cheering the for thePatriots, so I was happy they won.  So enough football talk, let's move on to more important stuff.

I absolutely love teaching about American symbols and monuments.  It has to be one of my favorite units.  By this point of the year, the kids are capable of some great informational writing.  Many of them are able to read non-fiction text and the kids are engaged with this unit.

We always do a play with this unit.  If you have never used a Bad Wolf Press play, you should check in out.  They are so much fun!  This is the one that I use for this unit.

Here are some great general book on American Symbols.  I am going to share some more favorites about specific symbols soon.

Here are some Patriotic Resources I have available in my store.

Check back soon for resources and ideas on individual symbols/monuments soon!

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