Polar Animal Resources

Hi friends!  Happy weekend to you.  I wanted to stop in and share some polar animal resources.  Some of these things are from previous posts, but I found I have have resources scattered every which way, so hopefully this will help centralize things.

Here are some anchor charts and art we have done in the past:

Polar animals sort- click here to read more

Penguin sentences- click here to read more about this project

schema chart

lif-sized penguins, my favorite.  Read more here.

blubber science, another favorite- read more here.

Here is a great video I love to show for this unit.  It's old, but engaging for the students.

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Here are some resources that I have available in my store.

And don't forget this freebie.  An oldy, but goody. Click below for more info.

Have a great weekend friends!

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