Five For Friday

Happy Friday friends!  I hope you have had a fabulous week.  I am still out on medical leave, but I have felt much more mobile this week.  I thought I would share what has been happening in my world.  I am linking up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching.

I can drive again!  My range of motion is much better and I am off pain medication, so I can drive.  I have had to rely on friends and family, which I am very thankful for but it feels good to get a little independence back.  

My long term sub is great, she lets the class write to me during work on writing time, which results in this.  

It's so fun!  I love reading their notes, now I need to work on writing them all back.  My son, who is in a different first grade class is my personal mail delivery boy.

Pleasure reading during the school year for me is usually unheard of.  I just don't have the time, but now I do.  Here are some fun books I have read so far.

 I'm almost done with Wild and this is what's up next on my agenda.  

I have still have three more weeks of work, any other good book recommendations?

With this time off, I have also been able to finish up some projects.  Here are some items that have been in the works, but are now done.  

I've put my store on sale for the weekend, so if there is anything you have been wanting, it's on sale!

Since I am home, I have had time to work on my presentation for the Southern California PK1 conference.  I am trying to do a couple of slides a day, that way I don't have to cram it in all last minute.  

I am getting so excited!  Are you going?  There is going to be a Mardi Gras blogger bash as well (you don't have to be a blogger to attend).  Click below to learn more.

Well, there you have it!  My week in a nutshell.  I am ready for a relaxing weekend and some football.  How about you?  Do you watch the Super Bowl?  My team is out, but I still have fun with friends watching the game.

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