Five For Fraturday

Hi there friends!  If you went back to school this week, how was your first day back?  It was a hard one for me.  I was enjoying the home life and feeling a little emotional, but I go through it.  How about a little Five For Friday on Saturday?  Thank you Doodle Bugs for hosting.

We began penguins this week in class. It's such a fun story to use as a hook in class with first graders. We worked on some sequencing and made cute Tacky's to hang up.  It was tie-dye day at school, so one boy made his Tacky in a tie-dye shirt.  I love it!

I was sucked into another season of The Bachelor.  Actually, it really doesn't take much for me.  You just need to say, the Bachelor starts tonight and I will be there, wine in hand.  That show just cracks me up.  But I must say I was a little peeved with the HOUR LONG red carpet hype leading up to the actual show.  C'mon now, it's now an awards show or anything.  That was a little silly!  

How about you?  Are you watching Farmer Chris this season?  If you don't already follow A Teeny Tiny Teacher, she writes a funny blog post after each episode.  Check it out!

Have you seen Valentine's Day stuff out yet?  I found these cute things at Target the other day in the Dollar Spot, score!  We have a pretty lame Target, it's small so our Dollar Spot is not always that exciting.  I always see people posting cute things they find at the Dollar Spot, but of course ours never has that cute thing.  Well because our lame Dollar Spot is conveniently located at the entrance of the store, I still manage to cruise through it each time I enter (at least a couple of times a week).  Here is my score:

I bought our store out of them to share with my grade level team.  Do you see the little slot?  How fun will those be for a sort?  Cute!

I finished and prepped the Note It! Penguins pack.  I can't wait to add some of these pages to their notebooks.

Click below to learn more!

Friday was a very hard and emotional day for me.  Giving up you class for six weeks is not an easy task.  My families and kids were so supportive and great!  You can read more about why I am leaving here.  I walked into my class in the morning to find a "Grit Kit" filled with all kinds of goodies to help me get through this bump in the road.

Later in the day, I was stalled so this could happen.  Oh my, the tears came.

So I want to tell you about this chain, so clever.  Each child and some parents wrote a little note onto each one.  It's a countdown chain for me.  A countdown to when I will get to return, so sweet.

So that's it for now,  enjoy your weekend my friends!


  1. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy and smooth recovery for you!!! The things your school did for you look so sweet! How thoughtful of them! And I am hooked on the Bachelor as well! I watched all three hours of it on Monday!!! I love your Tacky activity - those books are so cute!! Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. Oh my, I think that is the most amazing chain. It made me cry a little- just knowing how much the students, parents, staff and families love and support their teacher (you). May you heal fast.

  3. I pray the weeks fly by quickly and that you have strength and stamina. Before you know it, you will be back with a class and staff that love you. Blessings.


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