Chinese New Year Resources

I always love Chinese New Year.  I love the colors and the traditions associated with it.    Here are some resources you may find in your classroom.

Here are some great books:

Bringing in the New Year
Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Chinese New Year
Dragon Dance
Chinese New Year
Good Luck and the Three Pandas
Chelsea's Chinese New Year
Lion Dancer: Ernie Wan's Chinese New Year
Sam and the Lucky Money
The Dancing Dragon
Happy, Happy Chinese New Year

Here is my Pinterest board with a lot of fun ideas.

Here is a great Reading Rainbow segment about the dragon and lion dances.

Here are some resources I have available in my TPT store:

Find, Tally and Graph

An interactive, close read of Chinese New Year

There you have it.  Do you have some favorite Chinese New Year activities you use in your classroom?

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