14 in 14

We are down to the last few days of 2014, crazy!  I am beginning to feel the new year cleanse come over me.  I love Christmas and could truly have the decor up for a long time, but I usually take it down soon after Christmas so it is cleaned up before our family ventures off for our annual new year's celebration!   I thought I would join in on this fun linky.

I bought these boots a couple of years ago and I still am so in love with them.  They are so comfy and so cute on.  I constantly get compliments when I wear them.

Well let me tell you, I live it up when it comes to movies, ha!  No, in reality I rarely go to movies for me.  I usually am bringing my son to the movies.  So my movies selections for this past year fall into the G to PG range.  I would have to say that Big Hero 6 was my favorite.  
I wish I could say that I watch t.v and have all of these great shows, but I don't.  The one show I faithfully watch is (now don't judge me)....

The Bachelor

I know, ridiculous, but I like it!

Well, I am a Chico girls and a beer snob, so fortunately I live in a great place for that.

I became a brussel sprouts fan this year.  I love veggies, but really was turned off by brussel sprouts.  I have recently become very fond of them.  Here is my favorite recipe:

Hand written notes and pictures from my little guy.  They are so sweet and sincere.  I love them!
Pop Phrases.  My kids are obsessed with them!  

I am not sure if I have a "favorite" post, but here were my two most viewed posts.  Here and here.
Moving my classroom three different times last year!  That was a lot of work.  But so worth being in a brand new classroom. 
50th day of school with my little guy!

Maui with the family

Personal- stay happy and be healthy
Professional- get this Daily math thing figured out for my class


It's a feisty word.  I will need it this coming year.  More on why soon.

There you have it!  Enjoy your last few days of 2014!


  1. No judging here- fellow Bachelor fan in the house! Can't wait for January 5th's new season with the farmer ;) I love your word by the way- you have to have grit to move 3 different times in one year for classrooms! Cheers to 2015!
    Tales of a Tenacious Teacher

  2. Love The Bachelor and I love a good beer! No judgment here, my friend! Love the boots :)



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