Who Is Ready For A Sale?

It is the Christmas season isn't it?  And well, with that usually comes some good sales.  In case you haven't already hear, Teachers Pay Teachers is having their cyber Monday sale in  just a few hours.  My store will be marked down 20%, plus then you need to remember to enter the special code TPTCYBER to receive and extra 10% off.

For all of you mathematicians out there, it actually works out to be 28% off.

My shopping cart is filling up and I just spent probably an hour leaving feedback on my purchases.  I save up all of my credits for each big sale.  That way I have a large credit, which make my husband happy!

Anywho, here are some items in my store that you may find useful.

There you have it!  I better begin planning my week, and finish filling up my shopping cart.  I'll share what I bought soon.


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