Holidays Around the World

Happy Sunday friends!  Are you gearing up for Thanksgiving?  More importantly, do you get the whole week off?  Here in NorCal we do and I am so excited to experience pure laziness with my little man tomorrow morning.

I have been working my little fanny off to complete my holidays around the world pack.  I want to get it all prepped and ready so I am not scrambling on December 1st.  I combine my close reading pack and interactive pack to make an interactive, close reading packet.

I plan to have my students describe some traditions they have with their families.  I want them to eventually compare their traditions with others and possibly connect where their traditions may have come from.  I tried to stay away from the gift giver of the season and focus more on other traditions.

I chose the following countries:

United States

I am working on an add on pack for Hanukkah, Diwali and Kwanzaa.  I have an English language learner and I am really trying to build her vocabulary by bringing real things and using real pictures.  I made picture files for each country.  The have a real picture and then on the back a little info about the picture.  I place the country flag on the picture and write up to help identify which country the picture goes with.

I have all of their passport applications, airline tickets and passports prepped and ready to go.

There are lots of fun interactive notebook pages.

I am so excited to begin our journey with a fresh look.  I need to remember to emphasize that this is a pretend trip.  One year, I had a child so upset because she was afraid she would miss her mom too much to travel around the world!

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Cheers my friends!  Have a great evening.

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