50th Day of School

Howdy friends!  Can you believe that Thanksgiving in the United States is just over two weeks, crazy!  Well, speaking of crazy we had a crazy day in first grade yesterday.  We celebrated our 50th day of school with a 1950's sock hop.  The kids (and myself) had so much fun.

We started our morning with some math activities related to the number 50.

And a few others, not shown.  Our morning math tubs were the same, just 50th day content.  After some math we had our music teacher do some 50's dancing and the hand jive.  So much fun!

Here's my son jiving while showing off his stylish bunny teeth!

We made jukebox's.  We will finish with the writing part later this week.

After lunch we put all three first grade classes together and they went to 5 stations.  One station was tootsie roll measuring and bubble gum blowing.

Next stop was playing with toys from the 1905's and seeing how a record player works.

Third stop math- roll, graph and do fun!

50th day is hard work, so of course root beer floats were in order.

And the last station we had was good ole' hula hoop and jump roping fun!

It was such a fun day!  And I still have some follow up activities planned for tomorrow.  I will share those later.  If you are interested in having a nifty fifties day, click below.

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