Short A Word Families

We are really starting to get into the groove of Daily 5 in my class.  This week we began the "real" thing.  And when I mean real thing, I mean we did all of the rotations.  Our mini-lessons really just consisted of coming to the carpet and reviewing expectations and where to go, but they have done great.  I am so excited to get into some more meaty mini-lessons next week.

We have been busy learning about short A word families and my kids were really engaged with various activities this week.  I created a mixture of practice items because I have a wide range of kiddos.  Some things were very easy, but my kids still enjoyed them.  Here are some of the activities we did:

We were working on the at, an, ap and ag families these past two weeks.

We had fun with paint stick sorts.

Flap Books that were put into their word notebooks.

stamp, write and read

build and write

real and nonsense word sorts

word family fluency with phrases and real/nonsense words

building words with magnets, wikistix, playdoh and marker

And for my more advanced students, we practiced changing the beginning sound.

I love teaching about words families in the beginning of the year.  It's such a great way to build confidence in my little readers because they are successful with these simple patterns.  If you are interested in any of these activities, they can be found by individual word families:

or get them all in the short A bundle.  More words families sets are in the work!

Next week we will begin some short i woe!  Enjoy your weekend.

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