Going Batty Over Interactive Notebooks

Happy Monday!  We are busy finishing up our Green Team (recycling and worms) unit in class, but I am dedicating this week to bats.  We will begin teaching about bats next week and I love that unit.  We have a lot of bats where we live eating up those mosquitoes and they are such cool animals to teach about.

We have dedicated 1-2 days per week working in our interactive notebooks and my kids love it!  I just finished getting our bats pages ready and I think my kids will love them.  I am trying to add something a little different each unit I teach.  Here are some of the items you will find in the Bats add-on pack.

Some vocabulary pages

Microbat and Megabat sort

There are also venn diagram comparisons (bats/birds and bats/owls) and an anatomy page.  I am so excited to go batty! 

If you are interested in the Bats interactive pack, click below.

I'll be back soon to share some more batty favorites!

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