Five For Fraturday (Freebies)

Happy weekend!  I am so happy to have a break.  My class is exhausting this year.  I am pulling out all kinds of tricks from my hat, and I am still searching for something that will work.  It's quite exhausting!  Now it's a challenge, and I will find that trick.

I am linking up with Casey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday.

We began bats this week, and of course I didn't take a single picture.  Our story for the week was Stellaluna, a class favorite.  We brainstormed what we already know about bats, or what we think we know.  

I teach them about the term 'misconceptions' and as we read more informational text about bats we may throw out some facts that were misconceptions.  I have a laminated misconception poster in my class.  Click below to grab yours.

We had our fall festival at school.  The kids love it, including my son.  

I thought it would be fun to interpret my son's thoughts about the Harvest fair:

Now here are my thoughts:

And yes there was a melt down last night when one of his high quality toys he won broke.  Ha!

My name is Renee and I am addicted to cute erasers.

They are great for making math stories.  We made made eraser math stories in small groups last week, and now they will go into a math tub for next week.

Would you like an eraser story work board.  Click below.

Let's talk food.  I had bunco at my house this week and I always love to make something new.  Well, can I just tell you I found a new delicious appetizer, a warm jalapeño dip.

Find this yummy recipe over at Echos of Laughter

Oh my, it was so good!

And lastly, if you happen to be in Southern California  the end of February, I will be presenting on interactive notebooks at the Southern California pk1 conference.  I would love to meet you.


  1. I know how you feel, my class this year is SUPER chatty. I am having to pull out all of my tricks just to get them to focus for more than five minutes! Mine are starting to settle in...I hope your's do soon! Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks! I hope your kids continue to get into the groove of school.


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