Catching My Breath!

Hi friends, I am still here.  I should just plan on Mid-August to Mid-September to be my sabbatical from blogging each year.  First you have the craziness of school, that is an excuse in itself.

Then add numerous meeting the first 9 days of school, five to be exact.  The positive, none are scheduled for this week so I can catch my breath.

Next add my wedding anniversary, my son't birthday and my husband's birthday all three days in a row.

And my Mac hard-drive crashing, luckily most was backed up, only lost a couple of weeks of stuff.  Back up your computer!!!

Oh, and back-to-school night.  That has been my life in a nutshell.  My new classroom is gorgeous and I promise I will be do a proper reveal soon.  I have to re-take some pics, but here are a few.

We are going with the western theme and it has been a great hook for these kids.  I will work on taking more pictures this week and will hopefully be done with the November Print and Do pack soon.

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  1. Hi Renee,
    I'm feeling the same as you right about now! Struggling to find time to blog amongst everything that's happening at school, meetings, studying, UGH! It's coming to the end of term 3 in Australia and I'm looking forward to the holidays to catch up on online obsessions.
    Can't wait to see some more pics of your classroom :)

    Oh the Little Wonders


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