Why? (And a Sale)

Today is a big day, a sale over at TPT (don't forget to use code BOOST for an extra discount) and the topic of organization over at Blog Hoppin.  I love organization and try my best to stay that way.

Today is Why?  Why what I do as far as organization works.  First, I must start off with what works for me may not be the kit-n-kaboodle for you.  Since I am still not in my new classroom, I can't really take pictures.  And to be honest, my organization my change depending on my classroom set-up.  But one thing that I still love is my center organization tubs.  This is a throwback post from March 2013.

Happy Monday Friends!  Today I thought I would share more about how I store my center activities when they are not being used.  On my Faves and Wants post, I shared my love for these
I usually pick one up each time I am Target.  They come in various sizes, and I usually get this size and larger size.  A couple of reasons I love these are they store quite a bit and stack nicely.  

The above picture are the ones I am currently not using, so they are on top of a cabinet and bookshelf (and yes, my beautiful wood paneling).  You can see a larger one for my penguin tub activities.  I have some penguin figurines, so that is a time the larger ones come in handy.  I usually keep the ones I am currently using or getting ready to use by my prep area.  The labels on there came from Katie Mense (and they are free).  She includes a blank one, so I have made some that are catered to my needs.  I laminate them and then add a velcro circle to the back.  The velcro enables me to change them easily if need be.  Here is a box filled and ready to store.  

In my storage containers I keep the laminated pieces, task cards, seasonal game markers (if any) and masters of any recording sheets.  When the kids are using the activities, I just put them in regular shoebox sized tubs (I have a gazillion of them).

There is nothing special about these.  The labels have velcro, so I just change the label each day.  I have tried cute fancy bins for the kids, but they just don't stay that way.  These work great and store nicely on my cubbies when they are not being used.  I also have a back storage area with a large cupboard I put my math supplies in.  I am in the process of changing this area over to these bins as well.  

The math area is still a work in progress.  Hopefully this summer I can finish it up.  That is quick summary of how I use these.  How do you store your center or tub activities when you are not using them?  Do you have a favorite storage bin that you have found?  Share in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to take advantage of the TPT sale.

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  1. I just found your blog! I love those green-handled containers from Target, too! I use them for separating and storing read-aloud books and units by holiday/month. :)



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