August Currently

Wow!  August already, although I am fortunate this summer to have an extra long one, yippee!  Today I am linking up with Farley for her August Currently.

Listening- I love that my son still likes the classic Disney movies.  Alice in Wonderland is on TV and that is what we are watching.

Loving- So I have mentioned that we are getting a new school, which resulted in our start date getting pushed back to September 2nd, loving it!!!  The picture below is my current "drive by" picture.  It's our new gym that won't be done until November or December.  Our classrooms our done (not in the picture), but we aren't allowed in them yet.

Thinking- After going to Vegas and reading some amazing professional development books this summer, I am really looking forward to trying out some new things in my classroom.

Wanting- I realize we need to stay out of the way of construction at school, but I really just would like a tour so I can see what my classroom looks like.  I would love to be able to plan how to arrange furniture, bulletin boards, etc.

Needing- I've really lagged on my home summer to do list.  I have some paint projects on my list (the same ones from last summer that I never attempted).  I have made an attempt this summer either. Hmmm, maybe I should just hire someone?

I report back August 26th, the kids return September 2nd.  Yep, that's right 4 days to set up a brand new classroom (unpack, etc), have meetings and learn procedures for our school.  You can probably imagine the look on my face right now, and maybe even hear the words coming out of my mouth.  Oh wait, my 6 year old is in the room, so I will whisper them to myself, ha!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great evening.


  1. Construction. I am dealing with it as well ... but it's only the library so it's not on as big of a scale. Though 10,000+ items, knowing teachers will need them, and no real timeline for when I can put them back in order. That has raised some blood pressure. Good luck! I feel inspired to go find a Disney movie ...

  2. A new school!!!! That is SO wonderful! That concept is so foreign to me. I know you are stressed right now, but a new school is just amazing! Enjoy your extended summer. I am trying to savor my last week! Ah!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  3. We are getting a new roof, but that will be done before the school year starts. Good luck with the classroom! :)

    Diary of a Second Grade Teacher

  4. A new school - that's so exciting!!! Hope you can get into your room soon!
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First

  5. A new school!? That sounds so exciting! I'm sure it'll be light, bright, and gorgeous!
    Short and Sassy Teacher


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