Thrifty Thursday

Happy Thursday!  Are you ready for a Thrifty Thursday?

This week I thought I would put my Cut, Do and Glue packs on special for Thrifty Thursday.  These packs are great for a quick review in math.  Many of the practice sheets in each pack are available in various levels to meet the diverse needs of our classes.  I also love that they get to practice their cutting skills while doing math.

I wanted to point out a new feature on my blog I have been working on.  It's still a work in progress, but I have the Cut, Do and Glue packs up and running.  Near the top of my blog, click on the "my products" button.

When you get to that page, you will find my products listed with a thumbnail picture.  If you hover over it, you can see the name pop up.  If you click on the thumbnail, you will be directed to that product.

Go ahead, check it out!  You will find the Cut, Do and Glue packs on sale for a special price today only.

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