June Currently

Happy June!  I have 4 more days until summer vacation and I am so ready!  I have been extremely lazy today, hanging by the pool, reading and relaxing.  It has given me a taste of what's to come, and I think I will enjoy it.

In the meantime, I am linking up with Farley's monthly currently.

Listening- as I said earlier, it has been a lazy day outside by the pool.  I am currently watching and listening to this.

Loving- Oh my!  This is my favorite time of year to eat.  I just love fresh fruit and there is such a wide selection where we live.  I am loving all of the berries and apricots!  Yummers!

Thinking- Life is good.  

It really is.  I have a great family and group of friends.  I really can't ask for anything more.

Wanting- Summer!  I think I have said that for the last few months, but I am four days away.  I can do this.

Needing- The last pedicure I had was right before spring break, so I am due.  I will get one once school is done.

Summer Bucket List- I really want to take a break and relax this summer.  I feel like my little man is growing up so fast.  I want to play with him while he still wants to play with me.  I know that soon he will want nothing to do with me.

I also want to read some fun books.  Do you have any suggestions? 

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.  If you are on summer break, enjoy!  It you are still working, summer will be here soon.


  1. Renee, I love your pool ... I wish I had one!!! I am with you one kids growing way too fast. My youngest starts kinder next year and it floors me! Enjoy your summer & your little man! I wish you a relaxing and fun time! Come follow my blog or Facebook page! I am your newest follower!

  2. Lucky you, four more days until vacation. I still have 10 more days to go. I am so looking forward to this summer and would love to have your pool in my backyard! I totally agree with you... fresh fruit during this time of the year is the best.

  3. Hi Renee, gorgeous blog! Where do you get your 'currently' template from? :)



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