Conference Cover Freebies

In a little over a week many teachers will be invading Las Vegas for various conferences.  Are you attending any of the SDE conferences or the TPT conference?  If so, here are some freebies for you.

Last year I attended the Extraordinary Educator Conference in Chicago and it was AMAZING!  One of the cool things I found before hand was this brilliant idea of printing out the conference handouts and having them bound before hand.  IT was so nice to have everything in one place.  Sure, there were a few handouts that were given in Chicago, but I just had a folder for them.  For the most part I was able to print them all out before hand.

Here is a picture of my binder from last year.

Do you see the cool cover?  It was a freebie I found last year.  I printed it out, laminated it and brought it to my local office store that has binding services.  They bound it for my for just a dew dollars.

So for this year, I have most my handouts printed out.

I made a new cover, printed and laminated it.  Now it's ready to be bound.

So if you are going to the I Teach K, I Teach 1st or the TPT Conference, I have some freebie covers for you.

I Teach K covers pdf or jpgs

I Teach 1st covers pdf or jpgs

TPT Conference pdf or jpgs



  1. Thank you Renee! I was seriously on the computer, looking for something to use to make a fun and festive cover for my convention notebook. Thank you so much for sharing... it is perfect!

    Cori in TX

  2. What a fabulous idea! I love it.

    Thank you so much,
    The Third Wheel

  3. What a great idea! I had been thinking about how to keep track of everything and your idea is *way* cooler than the paper clip and manila folder I was planning on using. Ha!

    Right Brain Kid


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