Book Talk Tuesday!

Hi friends!  I hope you are having a lovely week.  Today I wanted to share a book that adored as a kid.  It was "that" book.   You know the one the you check out weekly from your library.

Have you ever heard of Itching Down, where 3 million wasps flew into town?  If you haven't be sure to check it out!

It's a fun rhyming story that tells how a town gets rids of their wasp problem in a very creative, sticky way.  I loved it as a kid and it was one of the first books I bought when I became a teacher.

Do you have a favorite childhood book that you read to your each?


  1. I have never read this book before but it sounds very cute! I hate wasps though! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Oh, this is one of my absolute favorites! I now have 2 copies: the hardcover one I got in my Scholastic Book Order when I was 7;) and a paperback one that I bought for my class library a few years ago. Thanks for reminding me about it! Great choice. Come check out my favorite kid-lit book at my blog: SweetSchoolMoments

  3. How have I never heard of this book?! I must check it out!

    Love to Learn


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