Camping Math Stations

Hello friends!  I know my poor little blog has been neglected lately.  Life is crazy busy right now, but whose life isn't?  15 days and then my summer begins!  I am ready to relax and have no schedule.  Thei past weekend we were at a friends house on the river and we made s'mores.  It got me in the camping mode, so I thought it may be fun to do some camping activities with my kiddoes.  I made up a math center fun pack.

Here are some of the included activities:

Find, Tally and Graph- my kids can't get enough of these!

Non-standard measuring; I thought it would be fun to use different sized marshmallows to measure the items.  They can see how the size of the measuring tool changes their answer.  A marshmallow ruler is included if you choose not to use real marshmallows.

Build a S'more fact families

Greater than/Less than practice

Place value and expanded numbers

Part-part whole

Telling time to the hour and half-hour

If you are interested in the camping math center fun pack, click below.

Do you like to camp? How do you keep your kids engaged these last couple of weeks of school?


  1. I love the measurement with marshmallows! I know the kids would love long as they could eat a couple!

  2. Love the idea of building lots of different maths activities around one theme like camping - not something I think many teachers do here in the UK. Might try this in the future. Product added to my wish list for my next shopping spree! Thanks!
    Growing Little Learners

  3. Cute new bloggie design. We had a camping day last week as well. We did it around science and reading - great idea to incorporate math!
    Deniece, This Little Piggy Reads


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