Summer...Just Around the Corner

25 days, that is my number.  The number of school days left until summer vacay, wow!  It will be bittersweet because I love my group of kids, but I am done with the transition our school is going through.  The construction, dust, noise, etc wears on me but I will try not to explain too much.

I always like to send my kids off with something that will help them keep up their skills, yet is not to "schoolish."  Yes, I made that word up.  I kind of like it.

It is summer.  Kids should play and be a kid, but why not write down their summer memories of being a kid.

So to help with their memory keeping, I like to give them a summer journal, along with journaling strips.  My kids have had journaling strips in their homework all year, but these are geared toward summer.

I buy extra notebooks in the summer and save them for these summer journals.  I print out the journaling strips and provide them with a cute pencil and eraser.  They love them!  They can choose their prompt, cut it out and then write about it.

I started this last summer.  I told the that if they wrote in their journal, bring it back when school resumes and they could pick out something from the prize box.  I had a few students hold me to that offer.  

If you are interested in the summer journal strips or the year of journal strips, click below.

Do you give your students an end of the year gift or packet?  I would love to hear what you do.

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