Earth Day and Recycling Resources

Happy Sunday friends!  Sorry for the absence of posts lately.  It's kind of a crazy time of year around here.  Plus, the sun is out and I have spring fever, so I am spending more time outside with the family; which is a good thing!

Earth Day is coming up and because I love the outdoors so much, I feel that it is important to teach our little ones the importance of taking care of the Earth.  We begin our year with a "Green Team" unit and refer back to it often.  Here our some books I like to share with my kids throughout the year.

Earth Day--Hooray!
Why Should I Recycle?
Where Does the Recycling Go?
Where Does the Garbage Go?
Michael Recycle
The Earth Book
The Lorax
The Three R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
The Earth and I
Fancy Nancy: Everyday is Earth Day

Here are some Earth Day resources I have in my TPT store:

And here is a freebie I made last year:

Enjoy your day!

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