Five for Friday

Wow!  I made it to Friday.  I wasn't sure for a while, but it is here.  It's a no kid day for me today.  I'll explain below.  Here is my Five for Friday.

Tis the season for Shamrock Shakes!  My little man and I took our once a year trip to the golden arches to get this yummy treat.

We celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday on Monday.  We began the day making cute Thing hats, and then a little green eggs and ham snack.

We had some rainy day recesses this week, so my son found the potato heads before school left out from recess.  He decided to make a friend to watch Netflix with.  Notice the popcorn Mr. Potato head is holding, just like the theatre.

I have today free of kids to work on report cards.  I have finished those, so I can work on setting up a new classroom for Monday morning.  I finished packing Thursday, the movers move me to a temporary classroom tomorrow.  Our old school will be torn down, and a new one will emerge.  It will be so worth the hassle.

When I moved into this classroom, there was a Raiders sticker on the window.  I wish I could take it with me.

This is my job today and over the weekend, unpacking to get it somewhat set up for Monday morning. Luckily I am not unpacking all of it, only what I need to get to me to summer.  Once summer hits, it is being packed up and stored off campus all summer while construction finishes.  I wonder how many items I will lose between now and August?

There's my five for the week.  It's Friday evening now, first on the agenda baseball practice.  After that, an adult beverage.  I think I deserve it tonight!  Cheers.

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