Five For Friday

Happy Friday and Valentine's Day all in the same sentence!  I hope you are having a wonderful week, mine has been busy.  Now let me start off by explaining myself, you may be wondering why in the world am I posting my Five for Friday on Friday, and even more shocking, Friday morning.

Well, let me tell you...I have the day off.

Thank you Abe Lincoln.

And I will thank George Washington in advance, because he is the reason I also get Monday off.  Yes, that's right a four day weekend.  So here I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching Friday morning.

It's Valentine's Day, just in case you forgot.  Since I am off today, we had our party yesterday.  The kids had a blast making their treat bag holder and handing out their Valentine cards.

We kinda made a mess.

I felt the love today!

I usually one of those moms who makes heart shaped pancakes with food coloring and fun toppings for Valentine's Day, even on a school day.  Which means I usually would get up extra early to do so.  Well, I had plans to do the same but was happy to have the day off until I heard a brilliant idea.

Let me backtrack, I took off my teacher hat and walked over to the kindergarten area to hang out with the kinder mommies before school started (which is during my lunch break).  I was listening to all of the moms talk about their grand Pinterest inspired Valentine's Day plans.  Many talked about the heart shaped pancake thing, but one mom had the best idea yet!

Valentine donuts from Krispy Kreme, OMG brilliant!  Let me tell you why.  First, I bought them last night so I don't have to leave the house in the morning.  Second, I make pancakes every weekend for my son so why not make it different and serve donuts.  We rarely eat donuts and he loves them.  Third and most importantly, I can still lounge on the couch with my coffee and I don't need to get up to make pancakes or clean up the mess.

It's a win-win situation.  Brilliant!

My son had a fun time in kindergarten with his Valentine party.  I am so fortunate to teach at the school he is at, so I can sneak away and see what is going on in kindergarten.  I have great teaching partners who will cover my class so I can sneak away.

This week in class we finally finished up our penguin unit and got all of their work sent home.  The life size adelie penguins turned out so cute!

I thought I would end with some numbers.  We like to count in first grade and we did that on Thursday.

13 days left in my wood-paneled classroom, and then I am being moved into a temporary portable.
56 days we will be in the temporary portable and then moved again into storage for the summer.
So, 13 + 56 = 69 days left of school, and then it will be summer.  Crazy!  

In those 13 days, I still have a lot to pack and get report cards done.  Which also leads me to another number:

18 school days until spring break.  I am ready!!

Have a great day!

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