Happy weekend friends!  I had big plans to blog mid-week, but here it is Sunday and I am just getting to it.  Oh well!  Last week in our class, we began our travels to the south to learn about penguins.  We started off talking about both the north and south pole.  We learned which animals lived in each area and what the polar ice cap is.  My firsties were feeling pretty smart!

We watched this video (a great series), which was great about talking about the differences between the north and south.

After talking about polar animals, we began our focus on the south and discussed what we already know, or think we know about penguins.  Here is our schema chart as we were getting started (don't laugh at my penguin).  It was a quick draw. 

As we read and learn about penguins, we will take off any sticky notes that were misconceptions and put them on our misconception poster (not pictured, but you can get a free one here).

During our daily five, I love to give my kids the opportunity to write fiction and non-fiction.  I will be adding the polar animals word list to their writing folders this week (read more about them here) as well.

click the image to see more

Well, I am just beginning to catch up on last week, but I don't want to make this post a book so I will be back later with some more goodies.

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