Five For Friday

Happy Friday!  An for California it's a 3-day weekend, halelujah!  Do you get a 3-day weekend?

Well, today I am here to share about my week with Doodlebugs Teaching Five For Friday.

1.   We are in full swing with learning about penguins the adaptations they have to survive in their environment.  Here is another one of our cute "odd birds" we made.  This is a girl version.  You can read about them here.

2.  We continued to work on our interactive notebook this week.  I'm hoping to post more about this later this weekend or next week.  We began this at the beginning of the year and it has been great.

3.  The big move at our school is getting closer.  The exciting part is getting a new classroom for next year, but daunting part is the thought of packing and moving twice in the next 6 months.  The first move is early March to a temporary portable.  I am trying to purge and pack one box a day.  I have piles everywhere and it is driving me crazy!!!

4.  We had a Martin Luther King, Jr day in our class today.  We began with the egg demonstrations that is all over Pinterest.  We even had a green egg, wondering if kids would think that is where green eggs and ham come from.

After the egg experiment, we read Martin's Big Words and brainstormed our own big words.

Then we got techy and paired the kids up and had them use the ipads to take a photo of their partner and write their "big words" on the photo.  I learned about this from Matt Gomez, read more about it here.  It was a great learning experience for the kids and me!

5.  In math, we have began the 120 club.  The kids love this!  It is a fun and engaging activity that really helps first graders learn about trading number and recognizing that numbers contain tens and ones.  You can read more about it from my post last year, click here.

Click below to see more.

Have a great weekend!

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