Winter Fun!

3 more days!  I know I can get through them, ha!  I feel like I have been running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done.  I can feel the home stretch now.  I even have my tubs ready for when we return from break.  I really don't want to have to come in over vacation, so I am on a mission to get everything organized.  

When we get back, I usually start off with some winter activities before moving on to our penguin unit. Here are some activities that I will put in my work work tubs.

These can all be found in my Winter Literacy Fun Pack, click below to read more.

And for math, I have these prepped for their tubs.

Find, Tally and Graph

Those are most of the items, I didn't get a picture of the tic tac snowman,  or the roll graph and do.  All of these activities can be found in my Winter Math Center fun.  Click below to read more.

The Math and Literacy Center Fun packs are bundled.

There you go!  I am ready to start my vacay.  Are you ready for vacation?  Do you like to get things ready for January before you leave for vacation or do you go in sometime over break to prep? 

Enjoy your day!

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